The Brave New World of Environmental Services and Infection Control

Mon. October 29| 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM | D174

EVS staff involvement in infection control has been dogged by recruitment problems, poor training, failure to follow best practices, lack of time needed to complete tasks, and unresponsive leadership. However, in this fast-paced world of frequent epidemics, new regulations, and increased demand and need for patient safety, smart health-care providers know that it is critical to have strong, well-trained, and capable EVS staff. This session discusses the steps necessary to gain the upper hand in infection prevention and control by involving all key resources.

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Type: Seminar

Track: Healthcare Track, brought to you by IEHA, a Division of ISSA

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Roy Boukidjian

Roy Boukidjian

System Director, Infection Prevention

Dignity Health