Eliminate Time-Wasters and Close the Right Deals & Five Critical Factors to Help You Outperform the Market sponsored by Essendant

Tue. October 30| 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM | C148

This is not a time-management workshop, but about letting go of situations that waste your time and efforts. Chasing deals that will never close is familiar to most sales staff. Research indicates that over 80% of salespeople commit this costly time-wasting blunder. This session will show you how to approach the sale from the buyer’s point of view, and move out of the “zone of indifference” into the “zone of consideration” with just one question. “Getting my fair share” does not work for sales success. Top sales performers have the mindset, skills, and execution capabilities to take more from the market than the market is willing to provide. They earn more than their fair share through a well-thought-out sequence of interactions and strategically chosen customers to sustain and grow their success. You’ll leave this session will leave with a thorough understanding and a roadmap of the five critical success factors needed to consistently outperform the market.

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Type: Seminar

Track: Commercial Cleaning Track, Distributor Track, sponsored by Essendant, Sponsored Sessions

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